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anti-migraine bread

William Waller <williamwaller@charter.net>
Sat, 24 Jan 2004 15:56:34 -0600

Paul Pitchford's recently revised book "Healing With Whole Foods: Asian 
Traditions and Modern Nutrition" has an interesting discussion on the 
health impact of using yeast vs. natural leaveners. You have to wade 
through quite a bit of Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophy and diagnostics but 
that's not the worst experience one can have. Pitchford has good 
information, backed by science, on yeast, sugar, and calcium metabolism. 
Your library probably has a copy.

Before you give up the good life and revert to quick bread, you might wish 
to try "lean" sour dough or naturally leavened bread. Because the starter 
is different from yeast, and there is no sugar, oil or dairy, it may not 
generate the fermentation byproduct that is troubling you. Peter Reinhart 
via "The Baker's Apprentice" has the most current and comprehensive 
discussion on it.

I gave up yeast breads for levains years ago. There is a difference.

Good luck.

Will Waller