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Re: broadcast sched and 100% whole wheat

Sat, 24 Jan 2004 13:33:29 EST
>Do you have dates and times for when your series BAKING MAGIC WITH ROSE 
>LEVY BERANBAUM will be appearing on KCTS-PBS?
>Thanks Dave Glaze

the many pbs affiliates around the country all independently choose to air 
a show when their scheduling permits. i think april is the most likely time 
it will begin but best to contact your local pbs station in early march as 
they will be receiving the show from pbs late february.

>Many of us bread bakers/eaters and now on low(er) carbohydrate diets which 
>eschews anything but whole grain breads.  Does anyone have any recipes for 
>flavorful whole grain breads?
>Larry from Maryland

i have to eat my words about finding 100% wholewheat bread undesirable. 
after being on tour in chicago, on the moody bible radio station, a 
listener immediately e-mailed me urging me to try prarie gold 100% white 
whole wheat and though of course the grain is compact compared to one using 
a high proportion of white wheat, the flavor was 
fantastic--wheaty/nutty--especially so because i made it from fresh-ground 
whole white wheat.

bread baking sure teaches one to be open-minded. i'm posting all these new 
discoveries on my website: <www.roselevyberAnbaum.com> under the Q & A (i 
capitalized the "A" because everyone puts in "e" even when they KNOW it's 
"a" and then, of course, the site won't come up!

incidentally, now, not only am i addicted to baking bread, i'm also 
addicted to reading "the list" every week!


PS: prairie gold is available from heartland mill www.heartlandmill.com