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Madeiran honey cake recipe request

"Jill Farrimond" <jill.farrimond@tiscali.co.uk>
Sun, 1 Feb 2004 17:21:21 -0000
Dear all,

I have just been sent a delicious cake from the island of Madeira which was 
simply called honey cake. I would really like to make some of my own as the 
cake was a delicious moist, spicy, dense textured cake with fruit and nuts. 
I don't think there was actually any honey in the cake but the picture on 
the wrapper showed a big sugar cane plant. The cake is leavened with yeast 
but it is really not like a bread. I have only found one recipe which was 
so vague I would be hesitant to try it - one  of those that has a lot of 
quantities that are simply 'add enough' - fine if you know what you are doing.

Any help would be really welcome

Newcastle, England