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Breadman Machine

Lois Silverman <ltsilver@adelphia.net>
Sun, 1 Feb 2004 14:53:15 -0500
Grace wrote:

>I received a Breadman machine as a Christmas gift from my family.  I have 
>not yet successfully made a loaf of bread.  I keep trying the same recipe, 
>changing yeasts, purchasing new flour, trying on a timer setting.  Each 
>loaf comes out similar (and inedible).  They don't rise.

I've been using a Breadman for years--never had a problem with it BUT my 
bil used one and never got a good bread. He bought a new machine and he 
still hasn't gotten a good loaf.

His problem--I deduced--was he didn't measure his ingredients properly--he 
used a liquid measure to measure dry ingredients and never got the right 

Question here is--forgive me, no insult intended but I am a computer 
techie/troubleshooter so I take nothing for granted--

1) did you measure the ingredients properly

2) did you put the liquid ingredients in first and then the dry and then 
the yeast?

If you've done the above, then you may have to get in touch with 
Breadman--good luck and may the Lord help you!

Lois Silverman