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In answer to Grace about her Breadman

"Ruth Warren" <herblady@netnitco.net>
Sun, 1 Feb 2004 15:31:42 -0600
who wrote:

>I received a Breadman machine as a Christmas gift from my family.  I have 
>not yet successfully made a loaf of bread.  I keep trying the same recipe, 
>changing yeasts, purchasing new flour, trying on a timer setting.  Each 
>loaf comes out similar (and inedible).  They don't rise.

Don't change a single ingredient in the recipe, also measure, measure, 
measure EXACTLY!!!  Just be sure you use fresh ingredients, and especially 
fresh yeast. You are using bread flour, right? And putting ingredients in 
the order given in the directions?  Try a  plain white recipe and see if it 
is any better too.