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Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:10:08 EDT
I need some advice. I am making challah in my home oven.  I am using rapid 
rise yeast.  The final product tastes good but has a lot of air holes on 
the cut pieces.  I believe I am putting the  braided dough in too warm an 
environment to rise after it is shaped.  I was leaving it in my oven with 
the temp of 110.  Tomorrow I am going to try setting the oven to 100 and 
then turning the oven off and then putting the braid in the oven to 
rise.  I read about putting a steaming pan of water in the oven and not 
needing to turn the oven on at all.  I also read about putting the braided 
dough on top of a steaming pan of water on the counter. What is your 
advice?  thank your for your help..................