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Tarheel_Boy@webtv.net (Skallywagg Forever)
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 08:36:15 -0400
Being rather shy and introverted, I rarely make a controversial statement, 
but what the hell, one of the great things about getting older is you can 
say what you like.

I do not recommend the Baparoma.

It makes one small loaf and the result is more trouble than it's worth. Ya 
gotta fill the little tray with just so much water and then carry the whole 
thing to the oven without spillling.  This thing originally sold for about 
seventy bucks but now they're all over the internet for under twenty 
dollars as a closeout item.  That should tel you something.  It just ain't 
worth the effort, gang.

Bob the Tarheel Baker